The kindling of my lightning photography obsession – 10 years ago today

This is a map showing the approximate location where I parked and where lightning struck in the photo above.  (Google)

(Google) Traffic on I-66 came to stop west of the Dulles Toll Road, less than mile from where the two highways merge together. I picked up my cell phone and called one of the officers of the US Park Police to let her know a storm was approaching and I was planning to use the reserved parking spot for a photo shoot. She said it was OK and that she would stop by after the storm to see if I took any good photos. Traffic moved extremely slowly on I-66 headed east, even after the toll road. I could see the storm approaching from the west. Lightning became visible and thunder was audible. If the traffic didnt break soon, the storm would hit while I was still on the highway. Unfortunately, the traffic didnt break. As I crawled east through Arlington frequent lightning was visible just to my north. Large rain drops began to slap my drivers side window. I feared that I would miss photographing the storm because I was stuck in traffic. Here are a few lightning photos from the thunderstorm of August 27, 2003. (Kevin Ambrose) As the traffic inched across the Roosevelt Bridge over the Potomac River, the storm hit in full fury. My truck swayed back and forth as the wind gusted to near 50 mph. Rain and pea-sized hail fell in blinding sheets and lightning seemed to strike every few seconds. Despite the terrible driving conditions, the traffic never stopped moving and in a few minutes I was driving on Constitution Avenue in the heavy storm. I was very happy that I had made a dry run because I knew exactly where to drive, where to park, and how to set up the tripod inside the truck for the photo shoot. Even with the blinding storm conditions, I knew my plan should work. The wind was blowing hard from the northwest and heavy rain was falling when I pulled into the reserved parking spot next to the Washington Monument. I was facing south so when I rolled down the passenger window for the photo shoot, rain did not fall into the truck and onto my camera gear. A photographer from the Washington Post parked next to me during the storm and took this photo from his van.
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‘The Photography of Modernist Cuisine’ coming to a coffee table near you

Soon youll also be able to see those images in coffee-table-book format and possibly in person at an art exhibition. In the new book The Photography of Modernist Cuisine, youll find highlights from the more than 500,000 photographs taken for Modernist Cuisine. The photo book will be released in mid-October at a cost of $120. And if youre lucky enough to be in Seattle between Oct. 26 and Feb. 17, you can see 100 of these images, many over six feet in size, on display. After completing its run in Seattle, the exhibit will travel to other cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami. Tour dates and schedules are still being confirmed. In a press release, Myhrvold said, I hope that others share with us the child-like wonder and curiosity I feel when looking at these photos. The exhibition and book are in many ways a culmination of my lifelong interest in photography, in much the same way that Modernist Cuisine was a milestone in my interest in food. If you have a location where the exhibit can be hosted in Atlanta and have some pull, you can email the organizers here .
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Student photography on display in Clarksville

He has a delightful way of treating a subject seriously but still with a playful angle, said Jones. Ashley Jones has produced work that is insightful, sensitive and relaxed, said Loring. A Clayton resident, Ashley had recently returned from an internship in New Orleans with photographers Gus Bennett and Ingrid Jones. You could see that she had really taken a step forward when she returned, he continued. It is gratifying to see where students start and where they finish. Renea Hamilton has a huge personality, said Stephen Jones. Shes very good with people and she will do well as she leverages her ability to make people smile. Hamilton resides in Sautee-Nacoochee. Courtney Ward has an immediately recognizable style, said Loring of this Mt.
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